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12 Dec 2009 - Launching Site, Welcome

After a rushed week of development, here's my Pascal website ready for your perusal. I've put up my glKernedFont project which is the start of the game I'm writing in SDL/OpenGL, and the SDLTexture unit I'm planning on building - which for now only does gradients.

So feel free to look around, I made up a links page to some good Pascal resources, I'm hoping to build that section up a bit further, and as with any site if you have any comments/questions/flames, feel free to nag me through the contact form.

About Me


This site was created by Jason M. Knight, a retired software engineer with nearly four decades experience in electronics, software development, and graphic arts - not to mention a wide range of hobbies including Saxophone, EWI, programming, carving, drawing, and just being a general pain in the ass on web development forums ripping new holes for the nimrods who think HTML 5, JQuery or Dreamweaver are actually good things.

My Other Sites


Featuring articles, tutorials, and rants about web development. The focus of the site on minimalist semantic markup, separation of presentation from content, graceful degradation, and accessible design.


A small lightweight JavaScript library designed to promote good practices without becoming a bloated mess like most of the "frameworks" out there. Simplifies common cross-browser tasks, aids in navigating and manipulating the DOM, and polyfills bits of ECMAScript 5 that are not to be found in any version of IE.


An informational website about the Akai EWI - Electronic Wind Instrument.